The ability to analyze independently or concomitantly the expression of genes and the accessibility profile of the genomic DNA at the single-cell level has now enabled deeper insights into cell function. Analyzing the molecular features of thousands of animal and plant cells in the same workflow also provides information regarding gene function, regulatory networks, and their regulation in response to stress or during cell differentiation.


Located in the Beadle Center (N305/N326), the Single Cell Genomics Core Facility provides to animal and plant scientists the following services using the 10x Genomics Chromium System:

  • Single-cell/nucleus RNA-seq technology to analyze gene expression at the single-cell level.
  • Single-nucleus ATAC-seq technology to analyze profiles of chromatin accessibility at the single-cell level.
  • Single-nucleus Multiome ATAC + Gene Expression technology to concomitantly analyze gene expression and chromatin accessibility at the single-cell level.

The SCG core facility will also provide access to highly sensitive technologies to quantify and estimate the quality of nucleotidic samples:

  • Qubit technology, Invitrogen
  • Bioanalyzer technology, Agilent

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm or by appointment

Service Fees

ServiceInternal UsersExternal Academic UsersIndustry Users
single-cell RNA-seq 1 sample $1,720 $2,240 $2,800
(per sample) 2 to 4 samples $1,565 $1,910 $2,388
>5 samples $1,405 $1,720 $2,150
single-cell ATAC-seq 1 sample $1,650 $2,200 $2,640
(per sample) 2 to 4 samples $1,425 $1,900 $2,280
>5 samples $1,290 $1,720 $2,064
single-cell Multiome-seq 1 sample $2,730 $3,640 $4,368
(per sample) 2 to 4 samples $2,445 $3,260 $3,912
>5 samples $2,287.50 $3,050 $3,660
Isolation of plant nuclei 1 to 4 samples $150 $150 $150
Bioanalyzer DNA chip 1 to 11 samples $54 $72 $86.40
Bioanalyzer RNA chip 1 to 11 samples $48.80 $65 $78
Qubit per sample $3 $4 $6


10x Genomics Chromium System
Qubit technology, Invitrogen
Bioanalyzer technology, Agilent
Coming soon: GridION, Oxford Nanopore Technologies


Cancellations/Missed Appointments – Users who have scheduled time may cancel up to 24 hours in advance of their start time. If users do not show up for a scheduled appointment or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, they will be billed $100.

Late Arrivals – The billing time will start at the beginning of the scheduled appointment. Users will be billed $30 per hour of delay

Radioactive Materials – Radiolabeled samples are not permitted in the Core Facility.

Acknowledgments – Please acknowledge the Single Cell Genomics Core Facility in any grant application or publication in which equipment and/or staff expertise was provided. Also, please send the Core Facility Director a copy of accepted publications containing data generated in the facility.

Biosafety – To decrease possible infection risk to Core Facility staff and lab users, we require that all samples be described before analysis so appropriate handling and containment can be implemented.


Director: Marc Libault, PhD
N305 Beadle Center
Phone: 402-472-4530

Research Manager: Sandra Thibivilliers
N304 Beadle Center
Phone: 402-472-4512


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Advisory Committee

Facility Advisory Group
The mission of the Facility Advisory Group is to provide guidance and feedback to the facility regarding the most effective use of its resources to meet research demands.

Member list coming soon.

Contact the Director

Director: Marc Libault, PhD
N305 Beadle Center

Telephone Number: