Morrison Microscopy Core Research Facility

Located on the first floor of the George W. Beadle building, the Morrison Microscopy Core Research Facility has state of the art imaging systems including digital microscopes, confocal laser scanning microscope and three electron microscopes. The microscopy core facility will provide strong technical support for multi-disciplinary research in the state of Nebraska. We will also provide services, teaching and training for university research communities.

You "Joe" Zhou, PhD

Research/Service Group
Han Chen, PhD
Christian Elowsky, MSc
Terri Fangman, MSc

E119.5 Beadle Center
Telephone Numbers:
402-472-5942 (General)
402-472-7921 (Electron Microscopy)

Supported by: 1) Nebraska State funding by NRI; 2) Federal funding by NIH CoBREs (NCV, and Redox); 3) One-time private donation from the Ken Morrison Family through NU Foundation; and 4) usage/service fees.