Flow Cytometry


Located in the Morrison Center, the Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides the following:

Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis

Cell Sorting

Multi-Parameter Panel Design Assistance

Education and Training in Flow Cytometry

Application Consultation

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm or by appointment

Service Fees

Internal Users

  • Unassisted Analysis - $37/hour
  • Assisted Analysis - $63/hour
  • Sort - $52/hour
  • Sorter Set Up - $63
  • Training - $37/hour

External Users

  • Assisted Analysis - $125/hour
  • Unassisted Analysis - $110/hour
  • Sort - $115/hour
  • Sorter Set Up - $100

Usage is billed in 15 minute increments, and there is a 30 minute minimum charge for all appointments.


Cancellations/Missed Appointments– Users who have scheduled time may cancel up to 24 hours in advance of their start time. If users do not show up for a scheduled appointment, or cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, they will be billed for the scheduled amount of time.

Late Arrivals – Users will be billed for the amount of time they have reserved. If users arrive late, the billing time will start at the beginning of the scheduled appointment.

Training – All new users will participate in one or more training sessions with Core Facility staff. New users within an experienced lab may be instructed by trained personnel in the lab, but prior to being able to run samples by themselves, they will also be required to participate in a training session with Service Center staff.

After hours / Weekend Use – The Core Facility is open Monday – Friday, from 8am – 5pm. Trained users may be allowed access to the facility after hours and on weekends, after they have been given approval from the Core Facility Director. Please inform Director of any plans to work outside of normal lab hours.

Radioactive Materials – Radiolabeled samples are not permitted in the Core Facility.

Acknowledgements – Please acknowledge the Flow Cytometry Core Facility in any grant application or publication in which equipment and/or staff expertise was provided. Also, please send the Core Facility Director a copy of accepted publications containing data generated in the facility.

Biosafety – In an effort to decrease possible infection risk to Core Facility staff and lab users, we require that all samples be fixed prior to analysis. We are aware that certain applications preclude the fixing of samples. Should there be experimental reasons that your protocol is not compatible with fixation, please discuss this with Core Facility staff before running samples so appropriate handling and containment can be implemented.


Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX LX

The CytoFLEX LX is equipped with four lasers (405, 488 561 and 638nm), and is capable of detecting FSC, SSC and 16 colors. It operates under CytExpert Software.

Fluorofinder Panel Builder

Beckman Coulter Cytoflex l x System

NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer

The NanoAnalyzer is equipped with two lasers (488 and 640nm), and is capable of detecting SSC and two colors. It operates under NF Professional Software. The system is designed to measure the size and concentration of nanoparticle samples.
Beckman Coulter Cytoflex l x System


The Core Facility’s Aria is a four-laser platform (405, 488, 561 and 642nm) instrument capable of detecting FSC, SSC and 17-colors. It is the Center’s only instrument capable of sorting samples. It is able to sort up to four separate populations from the same sample, at a rate of up to 30,000 events/second. It is stationed in a Baker BioPROTECT biosafety cabinet. It operates under BD FACSDiva Software.

Fluorofinder Panel Builder


Instrument Reservations

Check the calendar below and then submit a request to use an instrument.

If you are having issues viewing this calendar, simply try to refresh the page.  If the issue persists, you may need to try another browser.

Please note: Users will be billed for the amount of time they have reserved. If users arrive late, the billing time will start at the beginning of the scheduled appointment.


Dirk Anderson, Director
MOLR 160
Office Phone: 402-472-3129
Lab Phone: 402-472-3142
Email Dirk

Advisory Committee

Facility Advisory Group
The mission of the Facility Advisory Group is to provide guidance and feedback to the facility regarding the most effective use of its resources to meet research demands.

Amanda Ramer-Tait, PhD
Phone: (402) 472-7293
Email: aramer-tait2@unl.edu
Ramer-Tait Lab

Rodrigo Franco Cruz, PhD
Phone: 402-472-8547
Email: rfrancocruz2@unl.edu
Franco Cruz Lab

Jay Reddy, MVSc, PhD 
Phone: 402-472-8541
Email: nreddy2@unl.edu
Reddy Lab


Useful Links

NanoAnalyzer Publication List – A rapidly growing list of publications that have utilized the NanoFCM NanoAnalyzer System.

Purdue Cytometry Discussion List – Ongoing discussion platform related to a multitude of flow cytometry topics.

Fluorofinder – Experiment Design & Reagent Search Platform  After selecting “Build a Panel,” search for “University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL)” in order to use settings specific to the Service Center’s instruments.

Thermofisher Panel Builder - Tool designed by Thermofisher for designing multi-parameter flow cytometry panels.

The Daily Dongle – Archive of FlowJo related webinars and discussions. 

FlowJo YouTube Channel  Indepth video tutorials covering a wide range of FlowJo topics.

Flow Cytometry  A Basic Introduction by DeNovo Software – A useful introductory book discussing the basics of flow cytometry.

Optimized Multicolor Immunofluorescence Panels (OMIPs) – Peer-reviewed articles describing optimized multicolor panels. These are great resources to utilize when building new panels, as they show what antibodies and fluorochromes work well together for specific cell types.

Practical Flow Cytometry – By Howard Shapiro – This free download of the 4th edition of this text offers very detailed discussions related to hardware, software, and applications.

Fluorescence Spectrum Viewers

BD Fluoroscence Spectrum Viewer

Thermofisher Fluorescence Spectra Viewer

BioLegend Fluorescence Spectra Analyzer

Boilerplate Text

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility is a part of the Center for Biotechnology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. The Center provides users with instrumentation, support and technical service for cell sorting and analysis. The Core currently manages and maintains three analysis instruments for use, including a 4-laser/16 color Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX LX, a 2-laser/4-color BD FACS Array (532 and 635nm), a 4-laser/10-color Cytek DxP10 (407, 488, 561, and 637nm). The cell sorter is a 4-laser/17-color BD FACS Aria II (405, 488, 561, 642nm) is housed in a Baker BioProtect biosafefy cabinet making it possible to sort BSL2 samples. The Aria II is capable of sorting up to four populations at once at a rate of up to 30,000 events/second, and is equipped with an automatic arm to be used for sorting in multi-well plates or slides. The Core's Director, Dirk Anderson has over fifteen years of flow cytometry experience, in both academia and industry. Along with analysis and sorting, the Center also offers training, protocol development assistance, and data analysis. 


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