Facility Advisory Group - Microscopy



Facility Advisory Group

The mission of the Facility Advisory Group is to provide guidance and feedback to the facility regarding the most effective use of its resources to meet research demands.

Yongfeng Lu, Ph.D.

Lott Professor, SPIE Fellow, LIA Fellow,
Dept of Electrical Engineering,
University of Nebraska - Lincoln,
209N Walter Scott Engineering Center,
Lincoln, NE 68588-0511
Tel: 402-472-8323;  Fax: 402-472-4732
Email: ylu2@unl.edu

Clinton Jones, Ph.D.
Charles Bessey Professor
University of Nebraska
School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences
Nebraska Center for Virology
Ken Morrison Life Science Research Center, Rm 234
Lincoln NE 68583-0900
Phone: (402) 472-1890; FAX: (402) 472-9690
Email: cjones@unlnotes.unl.edu

James R. Alfano, PhD
Charles Bessey Professor
Department of Plant Pathology
Center for Plant Science Innovation
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
N315 Beadle Center
1901 Vine St., Lincoln, NE 68588-0665
Phone: (402) 472-0395
Email: jalfano2@unl.edu
Alfano Lab website