Tom Elthon will stop running the Protein Core in early May of 2014. The equipment in the Protein Core will still be available for your use until a new Protein Core manager is hired. During this transition period you can gain access to the Protein Core by going to the Biotech Office in N300 Beadle.

Protein Core Research Facility

The Protein Core Research Facility was recently established to provide a resource to researchers that want to purify, separate, or identify proteins. In addition, we can help scientists solve problems that they have encountered in their protein research. The Protein Core Research Facility will develop to meet any capabilities needed in the expanding field of proteomics and is located in the Beadle Center room E240.

Gene expression services are now provided by the Protein Core Research Facility. These include bench-scale (analytical level) construction of microbial strains and compatible vectors for recombinant protein overproduction. Host organisms include E. coli (bacteria) and S. solfataricus (archaea). Fungal hosts (S. cereviseae and P. pastoris) and phage (lambda, M13) are available by request. All commercial protein affinity tags are available. Primer design and purchase is negotiable.